Karen Juster Hecht, Esq.

"I love my work as a family law mediator. Seriously. I’m on a mission to help people get divorced without feeling like they’ve bounced through class five rapids without a raft. Coming to an agreement on issues like custody, support, the family home, the family dog, etc., etc., feels really good for everyone involved."

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Karen Juster Hecht, Esq.

Plan Be - Family Law & Mediation
Focusing on Divorce Wellness

Our Services

At Plan Be — Family Law & Mediation you will receive personalized attention. All of our services are individually tailored to suit each client’s needs.


If you decide that Mediation is the right way to obtain your divorce, the only thing that you have to agree on to start mediation is that both people will commit to trying to resolve the issues with the skillful help of Karen, who is a trained and capable mediator. You are in control of whether agreements are made. Although many issues may seem insurmountable, with the assistance of a good mediator, complete resolution can be found without having to go to court, thereby saving money and emotional wear and tear.


For a variety of reasons, some cases will end up in Litigation. Where litigation is unavoidable, Karen takes her clients through every step of the court process to resolution, while helping to resist the costly downward litigation spiral.

Divorce Coach

Finding Joy and Happiness after your breakup is 100% possible. Whether you are mediating, litigating, or ‘doing it yourself,’ the counsel of a Divorce Coach can help you stay on track through the emotional and legal ups and downs of your divorce. Karen helps guide you through each necessary step of your divorce, helping you find your lasting Divorce Wellness practices.

Other Services

Karen has also helped many people divorce amicably with a “consensual divorce” — where there is no disagreement on any issues but help is needed with the details, such as a Marital Settlement Agreement to distribute assets and specify custody.

Throughout all of her work, Karen offers clients techniques in Divorce Wellness, a methodology she has created to help foster healthy, happy, living during and after divorce.

If you have questions about any of the services which Karen offers, please feel free to contact her.