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I offer my clients a variety of services, tailored to suit their needs.

In Mediation I work with the parties together to help them find their own best resolutions. Mediation can be very effective as the parties work through issues, such as custody and visitation, child support, and division of property, as well as a host of other issues (some of which may be non-legal in nature). The parties do not need to be in agreement about how to resolve things — they only need to agree that they will attempt to work together in mediation, and that once engaged in mediation, they will adhere to agreed upon guidelines which they have determined with the mediator.

In my Litigation practice, wherever possible I work with clients to resist the downward spiral of costly court battles. My practice is based on many years as a litigator and on my life experience. In those situations where litigation is unavoidable, I walk my clients through every step of the court process to resolution, as their advocate and guide.

I am adept at working with clients in sensitive situations.


If you wish to retain me as an attorney, or for more information regarding my Legal Services;
please email Litigation@karenjusterhecht.net.

If you would like to explore the mediation approach;
please email Mediation@karenjusterhecht.net.

You may also telephone me at 510.210.3796.

Feeling overwhelmed or apprehensive? Don't despair, you're not alone. Divorce is a difficult and emotional process.
Visit my Resources Page to learn more and for assistance navigating your own divorce.

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