Karen Juster HechtCounselor-at-Law

"I love my work as a mediator and I'm on a mission to help people resolve disputes of any type, including community, divorces, commercial. One of my motivating principles is to help people get beyond the awful feeling of being in conflict and instead move toward dispute resolution and peace, allowing for more joyful living."

If you want to talk about how I might be of service, please reach out:
Karen@KarenJusterHecht.net or 510.210.3796

Karen Juster HechtCounselor-at-Law

Family Law Mediation & Coaching
General Dispute Mediation
Focused on Holistic Solutions


When life doesn’t go as planned and you need help coming up with "Plan Be", together we will create workable solutions, discussing the issues, the law, and the practical ramifications. I give all my clients personalized attention, tailored to individual needs, because life is not a one-size fits all experience.


To begin mediation, the only thing people have to agree on initially is that they want to work with a mediator. That’s it, just agree to the process and through it, each issue can get examined and resolved. A mediator doesn’t make a court order (like a judge). Instead, the parties to the conflict call the shots, working with the mediator to communicate their needs, listen to other perspectives, and create solutions for going forward. Although there are no guarantees, even in situations that are very contentious and seem incapable of resolution, mediation can work beautifully.

Divorce Coaching & Other Services

Most divorces entail many moving pieces, such as changed living situations, custody arrangements, financial upheaval, legal requirements, new emotional landscapes, etc. In other words: Lots of unknowns! Instead of burning out your friends, or adding to your legal bills, working with a Divorce Coach helps you sort out the pieces, helping you to rebuild instead of deplete yourself.

I routinely help people divorce amicably with a “consensual divorce” — where there is no disagreement on any issues but assistance is needed with the details, such as a “Marital Settlement Agreement” to distribute assets and specify custody, and the other components of the required divorce paperwork.

I offer clients techniques in “Divorce Wellness,” a methodology I created to help foster healthy, happy, living during and after divorce. Moving forward and finding joy even in the midst of life’s most difficult moments is 100% attainable and is imperative to living life to your fullest potential. Let’s talk and I can help you find your new healthy way forward!

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