Karen Juster Hecht, Esq.

"I love my work as a family law mediator. Seriously. I’m on a mission to help people get divorced without feeling like they’ve bounced through class five rapids without a raft. Coming to an agreement on issues like custody, support, the family home, the family dog, etc., etc., feels really good for everyone involved."

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Karen Juster Hecht, Esq.

Plan Be - Family Law & Mediation
Focusing on Divorce Wellness

Getting Informed about Divorce

Even an easy divorce creates change & uncertainty, and unfortunately, many divorces aren’t easy. To help control the divorce chaos, you can start by getting informed and making choices that will lead to your greater divorce wellness.

Karen can help you learn about your divorce options and guide you to making divorce-related decisions that will support divorce wellness and your new normal.

Visit our Services page to learn how Karen can help guide you through the entire legal process of your divorce.

Litigation or Mediation?

Unfortunately, many divorces end in litigation, meaning a legal fight in court. In her experience as a litigator, and through her own divorce, Karen has come to firmly believe that litigation isn't always the best option.

Mediation, when possible, is the optimal choice for working out a divorce amicably, without a long, expensive fight in court.

Visit our Resources page to learn more about choosing between litigation, mediation, or a do-it-yourself approach to your divorce.

Choosing the Right Attorney

You have to trust your attorney, and feel comfortable communicating about sensitive issues with them. Because of this, choosing your attorney is an extremely important beginning step in starting the divorce process.

Karen counsels her Divorce Coaching clients about how to select an attorney that is right for them.

The attorney you hire should have the same approach that you want to take. For example, if you want to keep things low-key and resolve issues through negotiation, you probably don’t want to hire a hardcore litigator.

It’s important to keep in mind that fighting about every detail of your divorce can be costly. Karen would rather see her clients have more money in their pockets and spend less on attorneys’ fees.

Karen works to help her clients make good objective choices about what is worth it to them to fight for.


"Who knew you were such a bad ass? Thank you!"

"You have been my guardian angel!!"

"Thank you and [I] appreciate everything you have done to take care [of] all matters."

"It was nice working with you."