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My name is Karen Juster Hecht and I practice Family Law & Mediation in California. My practice is based on my observation that the adversarial nature of litigation is often not necessary or productive. In my Family Law and Mediation practice, my experiences through my own difficult divorce and from my years as a litigator give me indispensable real life insights into the issues faced by my clients. I keep my practice small and manageable, which allows me to give my clients the personalized and holistic service which sets me apart from other attorneys. My keen discernment and understanding of human nature serve me well in Family Law, where emotion-based realities play a major role.

I work to simplify the process and to make it less hostile — which is not to say that there is not a place for anger and hurt and frustration, just that usually that place isn’t inside the courtroom. Court battles routinely drain the parties and often the only “winners” are the attorneys. I utilize my mediation training and my life skills to help the parties understand each other and to develop creative solutions to problems that often seem unmanageable.

One of my goals is to do whatever I can to make the whole process of the divorce as gentle as possible so that my clients can ease into the next chapters of their lives with their sanity, their dignity, and their wallets intact.

I have worked in many different areas of law and now focus solely on Family Law & Mediation. My background includes experiential mediation training, focusing on reaching resolution through understanding. I am a natural-born problem solver and I am committed to helping people get through their divorces, while being true to their whole selves. When I’m not working, I love spending time with my family and being outside in the great outdoors.

If you would like to learn more, or need help understanding your divorce options, please email karen@karenjusterhecht.net. You can also reach me at 510.210.3796.

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