Karen Juster HechtCounselor-at-Law

"I love my work as a mediator and I'm on a mission to help people resolve disputes of any type, including community, divorces, commercial. One of my motivating principles is to help people get beyond the awful feeling of being in conflict and instead move toward dispute resolution and peace, allowing for more joyful living."

If you want to talk about how I might be of service, please reach out:
Karen@KarenJusterHecht.net or 510.210.3796

Karen Juster HechtCounselor-at-Law

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I am an attorney, mediator, and divorce coach. My experiences with litigation made me realize that there is a better way than fighting in court, which often prolongs the dispute, adding to the emotional and financial costs. I have trained extensively in mediation so that I can focus solely on helping people sort through disputes without feeling like they've been riding Class V rapids without a raft. My work is to help my clients navigate the rough parts so that they feel good with the whole process.

I trained with Gary Friedman and the Center for Understanding in Conflict, an approach that allows the mediating parties to get to the bottom of what they’re fighting about so that a satisfying and lasting agreement can be reached. I have also broadened my toolbox of approaches, training with Steve Rosenberg Mediation, as well as other mediation trainings. Although there is no guarantee that all mediations will lead to consensus, I have had great success at helping many parties in very high conflict situations, as well people in less contentious cases. My keen discernment and understanding of human nature serve me well in my work helping people sort through disputes, where emotion-based realities play a major role.

I am also passionate about my Divorce Coaching work, which allows me to help clients on a deep level as they navigate through all aspects of divorce -- from “pre-divorce” all the way through “post-divorce” and rebuilding new joyful lives going forward.

I am adept at working with people in sensitive circumstances. One of my favorite “legal compliments” is when people tell me that I’m the “nicest lawyer” they’ve ever met. Outside of my legal work, I pursue many interests, including climate justice, photography, healing techniques, and traveling. When I’m not working or trying to help better the planet, you can usually find me in the great outdoors with my rescue dog and my family, or curled up anywhere with a good book.

If you want to chat, I’m always happy to offer my thoughts. You can reach me at Karen@KarenJusterHecht.net or 510.210.3796. I look forward to hearing from you and helping you to create your new life plans.